Mick Norton


After exhausting the 'Friends Reunited' and other routes we're still unable to find Mick.  If anybody knows of his whereabouts please get in touch via the contact page.


The power of the internet has prevailed... St. Michael has returned to the fold with a sack full of memorabilia..... watch this space.


Excerpts from a recent email

St.Michael the rock-god here(tee-hee)...a few more bits'n'pieces for you:

I recall Martin Patterson who performed the combined role of vocalist ("Minotaur"), sound engineer and roadie in my early days with the band...he departed sometime in the autumn of '73 to be replaced by Richard and I believe resumed his career selling insurance or something. Martin was the first member of Rudi I spoke to at my audition at the "Pied Bull" Islington.

There was a guy named Ravi Sharman who was the sound engineer for a while ...I remember him as being quite good at keeping Pierre subdued during his more effervescent transports.
  And, of course, "Boffin"-and-"Cretin"...they turned up as a two-man sound-crew whose crowning moment was replaying something from the Revox A77 (Tape recorder) ...not remarkable in itself except for the small detail that the band were actually performing on stage at the time and this addition doubtless provided an enriching sonic panorama for the Billy Bunters!   Perhaps we shouldn't judge them too harshly...at the end of that gig (was it Alsager?) one of the audience approached me and imparted: "F**cking great band to get stoned to mate!  ...so that's alright then. Notwithstanding, they didn't last much longer....

The outrageous Bart St. John/ May...whatever, who came to us from "Electric Funeral" had a Norwegian wife  ...I can't bring her name to mind but it may bubble up one of these days.

Terry the last vocalist...was his surname "Scott"? Possibly" Evans"....his girlfriend Madeleine got her belt-loop caught on the door-handle in Thea's flat one night and spent some time oscillating in and out of the room coincident with each new arrival...this is reported data from June, we were gigging at the time...sadly...

Andy Lawrence? Ex-BBC and Status Quo soundman, did the first Dutch tour (remember Aad Versteeg?). I particularly recall the gig at Barnsley Civic where we supported Dr Feelgood; had it not been for Andy engineering their set and making them sound like a record we would have crucified them...and that strand naturally stimulates memories of Barclay James Harvest...didn't we get slung off a tour for making them sound like crap?  Ho-hum, all in a day's work!
Blimey, this was supposed to be a brief note but now rivals "War and Peace". Hope you find some of this thought-provoking; if you're interested will send you my time-line 1975 to present...doesn't contain anything "fab" I'm afraid...if Phil Collins ever DOES call I'll tell him where to stick his gig...he's had me on a bit of string for too long now.

All the beast, M.
P.S. if you're more comfortable with "Mick" that's O.K....I  mean, I'll try to live with it SOMEhow :-)